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Mobile Offer Campaigns: Koupon Answers 3 FAQs

Planning a mobile offer campaign can be daunting, even if you’re a veteran. Coca Cola Mobile Coupon
Between deciding on your audience, offer type, distribution, frequency, and length, we understand that it can seem a little overwhelming – which is why we’re to help. In order to make the planning process as simple for you as it is for your customers to redeem a mobile coupon, we’ve answered a few of the questions we hear time and time again.  

Q: How do I choose my audience?

A: If this is your first mobile offer campaign, we recommend broadening your reach and delivering the offer to your entire audience. With this strategy, you build awareness of your program.

If this isn’t your first rodeo, now is this perfect time to start utilizing targeting tactics. By personalizing your offers and re-targeting based on previous purchase behavior, you can ensure that certain offers and messages reach a segment of your audience. Though these offers will reach fewer consumers, they’ll drive higher redemption rates.

Learn how to begin segmenting your audience and personalizing your offers with location-based marketing.

Q: How do I know what type of offer to create?

A: When deciding on your offer type, you need to consider your end goal. Whether it’s to grow sales of a certain item, encourage trial of a new product, or simply increase customer engagement and in-store trips, there are offer types to help you meet those goals. The 3 distinct types of offers that any brand or retailer can create are “free” offers, BOGO offers, and % off or $ off offers.

Check out our report to learn which mobile offer type is best suited to help you reach your end goal.

Q: How many offers should I include in my campaign?

A: Based on the product category, there are pros and cons to distributing a single offer or multiple offers. However, more often than not, we recommend multiple offers. For optimal success, we suggest posting offers once a week with 3-4 offers in each post. This gives your audience the choice to choose their favorite offer, while also giving them the incentive to revisit and redeem more offers.

Still have a few more questions before you dive headfirst into your mobile offer campaign? Read up on our Mobile Coupon Marketing Best Practices to make sure you know what type of offers your customers want, when they want them, and how they want to receive them. 


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