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December 11

Matching Offers to Stores and Customers

Koupon Media’s location services make it easy to match the right offers to the right stores, allowing customers to see offers that are relevant, proximate, and accessible.

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October 22

Learn How to Target Offers to Gain Customers for Life

Our latest white paper discusses how to effectively personalize mobile offer experiences in order to gain and keep consumers for the entire customer lifecycle. Marketers who personalize web experiences see, on average, a 19% uplift in sales. With over 58% of Americans on smartphones, delivering mobile offers is a great way to take advantage of this trend. 
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October 08

What Is Your Personal Data Worth? Discussion On Behavioral Targeting

It’s no surprise that advertisers are learning more and more about our daily digital behaviors. The more we consume, the more they know. From our shoe size to cocktail preference to favorite skin cream brand, our preferences and opinions are very important to advertisers who want to know about our routines to offer deals and incentives, which help entice us to buy more and become loyal.

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March 22

The Future of Mobile Advertising: Targeted, Dynamic, Engaging

The future of mobile advertising in the mobile market has everything to do with context, location and extreme personalization. People count on mobile for just about everything. And marketers have the ability to 1:1 target, engage and offer in-the-moment value, sharing deals and coupons when shoppers want them, based on audience targeting and geo targeting.

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