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November 12

Black Friday Expectations

Black Friday, its the day for the best deals in retail - or so they say. According to DailyFinance, Black Friday might be on life support this year. Their recent poll shows that only 24% of people still actively shop in-store on Black Friday. Last year, there was a 7% drop in sales compared to 2013 and customer traffic declined by 5.6%, according to ShopperTrack. Pretty staggering stats.

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October 19

Targeting: How Retailers Drive More In-Store Traffic

When Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report was released in 2002, its iconic scene featuring hyper-contextual, personal advertising seemed to exhibit make-believe technology from the far distant future. While digital advertising has not progressed to the level of complex intensity displayed in the film, marketers of today are beginning to bring the ideas behind these imagined ads of the future to life in more subtle and effective ways via mobile technology.

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May 12

Millennials’ Love for C-Stores

As the largest generation in the United States, and contributing to over $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending, Millennials are irrefutably shaping the U.S. economy with their unique consumption preferences and habits. The $204 billion convenience store industry is a retail format that can best satisfy 18 to 34 year-old consumers looking to fuel up with out slowing down. Wondering why this notoriously fastidious group, known to drive vehicles less than older demographics, is gravitating towards convenience stores? Allow us to explain.

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February 27

Think Outside the Proximity Field with Beacons

What can beacons, or iBeacons or BLE do for retail?  Perhaps a better way to look at the question is: What can’t beacons do?  With beacons providing an unprecedented level of context, the use cases are seemingly endless. 

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January 14

Koupon Media Makes Local Mobile Marketing Personal

Marketers understand that data gathered from a mobile marketing campaign can be valuable, beyond the sales generated by that campaign itself. Each campaign garners information about consumers and their behaviors that can help to refine messaging and improve personalization. But in order to create the most valuable, virtuous cycle of data accrual, brands and retailers must employ strategic location-based tactics that lend themselves to one-to-one marketing. Tending to the wants and needs of the individual mobile customer through local mobile marketing above short-term profit goals can have big payoffs.

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