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November 06

The Importance of Going Green with Mobile Marketing

Here are some eye-opening stats on why you should go green with mobile coupons. 

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September 18

Taking loyalty to the next level at the #NACSShow

C-stores and brands alike are putting customer loyalty first. Leveraging the latest technology and new marketing tactics to increase customer loyalty is a high priority right now for many marketers. Such strategy will be a major topic of conversation at the upcoming NACS Show in Las Vegas where c-store stakeholders from around the world will gather for the industry’s premier event. During the show, October 11th-14th, several dynamic speakers will take the stage to address the latest trends in loyalty programs.

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July 07

Mobile Coupons and Social Sharing

Last summer, one of Koupon Media’s largest convenience store clients wanted to increase sales, loyalty and awareness of a new iced beverage. Koupon Media harnessed the power of social sharing to drive a 64% engagement rate and a 73% redemption rate.

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June 02

Summer Scratcher

It’s June 2nd! School is letting out and summer fun is right around the corner. With summer vacation, people are craving a cool beverage to beat the heat or grab a snack for their travels. With this change of season, it is an opportune time for marketers to try new and fun marketing strategies to answer their customers’ summer cravings.

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May 19

Millennials + Mobile Coupons = Perfect Pair

Millennial shoppers contribute a staggering $1.3 trillion to annual consumer spending. Millennials are characterized by their reliance on the internet, mobile technology, crowdsourcing, and instant gratification, yet, they are not impulsive shoppers. Having grown up in the digital age and the most recent U.S. recession, Millennials appreciate expediency however, they also want to get the best deal.

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