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February 03

6 Best Practices For Your Next SMS Offer Campaign

The mobile device continues to present an array of channels and opportunities to reach consumers. But in the race to reach consumers through each and every channel, one of the most basic functions of the mobile device - SMS - is often forgotten.

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December 14

Marketing to Gen Z: 7 Need-to-Know-Facts

We’ll be the first to admit that millennials deserve the attention they get from marketers. Between their annual buying power of $600 billion and their population of over 75 million, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Yet in the race to reach millennials, the newest kids on the block – Generation Z – have yet to receive the marketing attention they deserve. So step aside millennials, because Gen Z now has an estimated $200 billion in annual buying power (including influence on parental purchases) and they make up a staggering 22% of the US population.

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January 26

State of the Mobile Coupon Industry


Koupon is excited to announce its most encompassing report to-date titled, The State of the Coupon Industry. The report provides data and key industry insights into what has happened to the mobile coupon industry, where it is going and how Koupon has kept up with the exponential growth. The report was formed using both owned and partner data collected throughout 2015. The report answers frequently asked marketing questions, dives into industry benchmarks and illustrates success with 5 successful case studies.

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December 21

The Mobile Move


Headed to NRF in January? It is important to get a pulse on the current state of marketing before heading into educational keynotes and meetings! 

Some stats on why moving to mobile first means better business for you…

While most marketers understand that digital is growing at a rapid rate, only few are forward - thinking and implementing the real prize; mobile. According to staff members at Marketing Charts, “...the future of targeted marketing won’t be what you find on the Internet, see on TV, read in a newspaper/magazine, or hear on the radio – it will be found on the device we take with us wherever we go – our mobile phones.” 

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November 06

The Importance of Going Green with Mobile Marketing

Here are some eye-opening stats on why you should go green with mobile coupons. 

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