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September 25

Koupon Media Partners with GSTV to Deliver Mobile Offers at the Pump

Koupon Media is excited to announce a new partnership with GSTV, the national video network reaching targeted audiences across tens of thousands of fuel retailers, to deliver mobile offers at the pump through digital signage advertisements. By allowing brands and retailers to deliver in-store redeemable offers across a national video network, the two companies have essentially created a new consumer engagement model for the c-store space.

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September 18

Koupon Media Partners with Skip to Bring Mobile Offers to the Checkout Anywhere Experience

Leading up to this year’s NACS show, Koupon Media is excited to announce our partnership with Skip, a scan and go technology thatprovides c-store customers with checkout control through frictionless checkout. The partnership allows Koupon Media to send CPG-funded offers to customers as they shop using Skip’s technology. As part of the alliance, Skip will integrate Koupon’s mobile offer capabilities directly into its app. When a customer is adding items to their basket, Skip will reference Koupon’s database of offers and apply or suggest relevant deals for that customer.

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February 03

6 Best Practices For Your Next SMS Offer Campaign

The mobile device continues to present an array of channels and opportunities to reach consumers. But in the race to reach consumers through each and every channel, one of the most basic functions of the mobile device - SMS - is often forgotten.

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December 14

Marketing to Gen Z: 7 Need-to-Know-Facts

We’ll be the first to admit that millennials deserve the attention they get from marketers. Between their annual buying power of $600 billion and their population of over 75 million, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Yet in the race to reach millennials, the newest kids on the block – Generation Z – have yet to receive the marketing attention they deserve. So step aside millennials, because Gen Z now has an estimated $200 billion in annual buying power (including influence on parental purchases) and they make up a staggering 22% of the US population.

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January 26

State of the Mobile Coupon Industry


Koupon is excited to announce its most encompassing report to-date titled, The State of the Coupon Industry. The report provides data and key industry insights into what has happened to the mobile coupon industry, where it is going and how Koupon has kept up with the exponential growth. The report was formed using both owned and partner data collected throughout 2015. The report answers frequently asked marketing questions, dives into industry benchmarks and illustrates success with 5 successful case studies.

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