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January 21

Harnessing Social Media for Mobile Couponing

It is no secret that social media is one of the most powerful yet unwieldy marketing portals; it has the ability to quickly proliferate both positive and negative activity surrounding a brand, and it can be difficult to predict lifespan and circulation. When it comes to digital coupons, it is critical that brands and marketers understand how to use social media to their advantage, and with dexterity. According to a 2014 study published by Valassis, 71% of consumers report having searched online for a coupon after reading about it on social media. What is more, 40% of shoppers took the time to share or trade coupons on social media last year—a 10% increase from 2012.

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January 15

A Guide to Increasing Redemptions

Increasing redemptions in your app starts with an engaging app. We created a white paper discussing how critical launching a mobile app successfully is for retailers and brands. It has become increasingly vital for brands to create a strong mobile presence now more than ever

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December 04

Creating the Most Relevant Offers

Too often, brands make the mistake of sacrificing conversion rate for reach when launching mass promotional campaigns. Many marketers are so eager to reach a broad consumer base that they fail to consider who they are trying to reach and how to best convert them into loyal customers. With Koupon Media’s mobile marketing services, brands are able to focus on the “when”, “where” and “what”, resulting in the most personalized, relevant offers.

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November 12

Case Study : Kum & Go's "Deal of the Week" Social Offer Campaign

Kum & Go Triples Offer Redemption. A Case Study On How Koupon Media Increased Sales and Online Brand Identity Through Social Offers.

The Problem

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October 30

Coupon Marketing 101: Finding the Right Channel

There are many things to consider when starting a digital coupon campaign for your brand: How do you reach target customers? When should the campaign launch? What is the best way to track consumer engagement? The answers to these questions depend on the channel through which the offer is broadcast. Luckily, Koupon Media has analyzed how to take advantage of each digital channel so you don’t have to.

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