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August 05

5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Coupon Campaign

The problem is that marketers are hesitant to implement mobile offers.

Marketers are hesitant to engage shoppers with mobile offers as they fear it is will be an extensive undertaking for their entire team.

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July 16

Koupon Media Closes the Attribution Loop with Redeemable Ads

Measuring the impact of online initiatives to offline sales is one of the biggest challenges marketers face today. Despite this frustration, spending on digital campaigns continues to grow. In 2014 spending on paid media in the US totaled 179 billion. While ad tracking has advanced, marketers are still left piecing bits of information together to gain insights into their campaigns. CMO.com cited that understanding consumer behavior as one of the top challenges marketers face today.

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April 08

Mobile Offers by the Numbers

Koupon Media analyzed a valued client of ours, Kum & Go, as well as our other clients to figure out what are the main drivers for  offers as well as how many offers are powered by Koupon Media.

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March 26

How Long is Too Long?

We have cracked the code on how long an offer campaign should last. It is a common question we get from our clients; how long should we run a campaign to effectively drive sales and minimize diminished return?  To answer that question, we compared an offer’s duration with two elements — the number of viewers (or individual customers that viewed the offer) per store and what percentage of those viewers clicked through to the offer’s barcode.

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March 12

Three Views

Mobile offers are the way couponing is headed – no doubt about it. They are now an essential piece to advertising, sales and promotions for major brands and retailers. However, employing a successful mobile offer strategy requires technology and know-how. Koupon powered offers use geo-location, past offer usage, and customer segmentation to ensure each offer reaches the right customer at the right time. However, the offer success is not only tied with targeting advanced technology. Offer success is also directly attributed to the customer’s own viewing experience. . After years of working with retailers and brands to deliver more than 250 million offers, we’ve refined the practice of successfully delivering offers on a mobile device. One of the keys to Koupon Media’s high offer performance is something we call the Core Offer Experience which is made up of three viewing states:

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