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December 28

Innovating In-Store: Digital Doors

If you’re looking for new ways to catch the wandering eyes of your customers during their in-store experience, there’s a new trend in digital signage that you might want to check out. According to AdAge, a new player in the digital advertising space called Anthony International has created a product called iDoor that displays digital video ads, coupons, and offers on cooler doors inside of c-store locations.

Displaying branded coupons or offers directly on cooler doors in c-store locations can be particularly useful in a number of ways.

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December 15

Days of Holidays

Our holiday gift to you is giving you the secrets on how to achieve 117% of your sales goal this season! Click here to download "12 Days of Holidays" now!

The holidays are nearly here! At Koupon Media, we know that marketers can be extremely anxious at this time as they eagerly await for the surge of holiday sales. To ease some of the stress for marketers, we’ve created a set-it-and-forget-it program of sales-driving mobile offers. We call this program a Koupon Offer Set.

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November 04

Looking Beyond Loyalty

The deployment and management of loyalty programs has emerged as a popular tactic to reach sales and marketing goals over the past decade.

Today, successful loyalty programs tend to operate in the digital realm, with classic examples such as Starbucks and its stars-based loyalty process housed in its mobile app.

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October 29

Koupon Scratcher Blog

There is something undeniably irresistible about scratch offs.

While they’re generally just fun to use, a large bit of the scratch-off appeal (whether we’re talking lottery tickets or retail coupons) is rooted in the human craving for instant gratification. All marketers function as consumers on the side, so it is easy for us to understand the added fun and value associated with (pardon the pun) scratching this consumer itch.

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August 19

Increase Campaign Success By Linking Digital Ads to Coupons

By linking a coupon to your digital media, you can increase your conversion rate by 10 or even 20x. Not only will you increase your click through rates, and conversion rates, but you will also increase your entire campaigns success gaining these significant benefits:

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