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The Mobile Move


offer.pngHeaded to NRF in January? It is important to get a pulse on the current state of marketing before heading into educational keynotes and meetings! 

Some stats on why moving to mobile first means better business for you…

While most marketers understand that digital is growing at a rapid rate, only few are forward - thinking and implementing the real prize; mobile. According to staff members at Marketing Charts, “...the future of targeted marketing won’t be what you find on the Internet, see on TV, read in a newspaper/magazine, or hear on the radio – it will be found on the device we take with us wherever we go – our mobile phones.” 

It's hard to keep up with how fast traditional media is changing. So just how much is changing? How prominent is mobile marketing?

Here are some stats that you will find in the piece:

For print, the money’s running out. Newspaper ad spending decreased by 4% while mobile ad spending has increased 78% over the last year (USA Today, 2015), providing a decline in much needed ad funding for the print industry.

Ads on TV still pull in a good bit of cash – about $13.1 billion in the United States per year. While that sounds pretty hefty, $13.1 billion is a decrease from $57.8 billion per year in 2008. Ouch. (Contacto, 2015) 

I know you will get a lot out of our piece titled “The Mobile Move.” 

- Rubin 

By: Rubin Beckner, Client Development Manager


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