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Summer Scratcher

It’s June 2nd! School is letting out and summer fun is right around the corner. With summer vacation, people are craving a cool beverage to beat the heat or grab a snack for their travels. With this change of season, it is an opportune time for marketers to try new and fun marketing strategies to answer their customers’ summer cravings.

Scratcher1What better way than incorporating a fun game? Koupon Media has built gamification applications that tie to mobile coupons. It is a fun and unique way to further engage and delight your customers. The game is easily attached to any media channel(s) and by playing the game, your customers can receive a redeemable coupon. 

One of our most popular games is the scratcher. With a summer scratcher, customers are able to indulge their cravings for summer treats. Customers are able to interact with your brand by “scratching” their mobile screen to see what offer they have won. Once the customer has won the offer they are able to redeem it directly from their mobile device, download it to their passbook or even share with their friends. The coupon can then be redeemed at a specific retail store, or at any local convenience store that is a part of our c-store network.


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