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Successfully Delivering In-App Mobile Offers

Mobile apps have emerged as the centerpiece of marketing strategies for app case study blog creative.jpgmany small format retailers, and for good reason – mobile apps have proven to be one of the best ways to engage valuable retail customers.

But as many marketers have learned, merely launching a mobile app isn’t enough. While mobile apps can attract a retailer’s most loyal customers, that loyalty isn’t guaranteed to last. In order to keep customers engaged and shopping in stores, mobile apps must consistently deliver value.

And the most effective way to deliver that value is through mobile offers. In fact, a report by Wall Street Journal found that 67% of consumers download a retailer’s app exclusively for offers.

The Three Keys to Making In-App Offers Successful

After delivering more than 3 billion offers, we’ve learned what it takes to make in-app mobile offers successful. In our analysis, we’ve identified three keys that drive success in a mobile app strategy.

Engage Users With Offers

One of the hardest challenges retailers face is getting customers to download the app. Koupon recommends delivering a high value offer that can only be accessed by downloading the app. In-store signage and digital marketing materials help raise awareness — Want a free coffee? Download our app!

Once a consumer has download the app, push notifications keep customers engaged. On average, Koupon’s retailers that send push notifications witness a 300% increase in offer views.

Compelling Offer Content

Another issue that hurts an app’s success is a lack of quality offer content. Low quality offers usually fall into two buckets — offers for products nobody wants or discounts that aren’t valuable enough. That’s why Koupon launched the Offer Network — to help small format retailers source relevant and compelling content from CPG brands. On average, these campaigns have proven to drive 5-12% in-store sales growth.

Targeted Offer Delivery

Once a retailer has built a base of engaged users, marketers can target offers based on consumer behavior. Koupon’s offer targeting technology ensures that retailers are reaching the right customer at the right time. Koupon’s technology can be used to deliver offers to customers on a one-to-one basis, or to broader segments of customers with similar attributes. In the past, retailers that target offers to specific consumers have witnessed a 36% lift in performance. 

In this report, we highlight real-world case studies that illustrate how some of Koupon’s clients are leveraging these keys to successfully deliver in-app mobile offers.

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