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Reaching New Customers With Media

2017 brought another year of change for retail, with the convenience store industry Media blog creativenot only expanding their footprint, but also outpacing big-box retailers in revenue growth.

For this growth to continue, brand and c-store marketers must begin to think outside of their own channels in order to reach and engage new customers.

Koupon’s approach to distribution is to reach customers across a variety of digital touch points — we call this “meet customers they are.” While engaging customers in direct channels like mobile apps and email can be highly effective for engaging existing shoppers, we’ve found that media channels are important for acquiring new customers. These are the consumers who shop at c-stores, but don’t necessarily shop at your c-stores. 

Media is an excellent way to not only reach these consumers but engage them with targeted offers through c-store-focused channels. But reaching the right customers through the right channels at the right time is often easier said than done.

To maximize impact of media campaigns and acquire new customers, Koupon has identified 3 keys that drive success. 

The Right Channels
An impactful media campaign begins by choosing the most effective channels to reach c-store shoppers, which is a growing challenge for CPG brands and 
c-store retailers. To address this challenge, Koupon created a media-focused partner network - with an
audience of over 100 million - which allows marketers to reach new customers 
with mobile offers through a targeted group of
c-store-focused channels.

Media campaigns that witness the most success incorporate all of the channels in the partner network in conjunction with some form of targeting, which can involve several factors - time of day, location, demographic or behavior.

Compelling Content 
Content that includes an offer continues to be the most effective way to drive engagement, boosting overall ad performance by as much as 300%. 

Download our white paper to learn more about creating impactful media campaigns and learn how to leverage Koupon’s Facebook targeting model - one of the top performing channels on our network.  

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