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Promoting Mobile Offers Through In-Store Signage

After a series of store closures and reports of declining sales, the end of 2017 in-store signage blog.jpgmarks yet another year of change for the retail industry.

Despite some rather daunting outlooks on the future of brick and mortar shopping, there are some retail categories experiencing healthy growth — specifically, small format retailers like convenience stores.

In 2016, overall in-store convenience sales rose by 3.2%, while c-store food and beverage focused categories grew more than 7%. This growth makes the $600 billion industry one of the fastest growing verticals in retail.

The success in the convenience store industry is partly being driven by its ability to address changing preferences of today’s consumers. With an average shopping trip of 3-4 minutes, c-stores are providing an experience that meets the needs of today’s on-the-go shopper.  

But the grab-and-go aspects that are driving success in today’s c-stores can also introduce new challenges for marketers seeking to reach and engage consumers in digital channels.

No customer visiting a convenience store is looking for a time intensive experience, so it’s important that marketers provide shoppers with easy ways to engage with promotions. With a limited time to interact with c-store shoppers, marketers must find unique ways to reach shoppers and drive impulse purchases.

Koupon’s Approach to Distribution

After launching over 7,000 mobile offer campaigns, we’ve learned that to make an impact, campaigns should reach customers across a variety of channels and digital touchpoints – we call this “meet customers where they are.”

Meeting customers where they are eliminates the need for customers to go out of their way to engage in a campaign. This is why Koupon encourages clients to begin with a small ask, such as: Want this offer? Text a keyword to this short code.

By providing value to customers upfront, customers are more willing to re-engage over time and become loyal shoppers. This is where in-store signage comes in.

In this case study, we take a look at how leading brands and retailers are leveraging in-store signage to influence impulse purchases and grow sales.  

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