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Mobile Coupons and Social Sharing

Last summer, one of Koupon Media’s largest convenience store clients wanted to increase sales, loyalty and awareness of a new iced beverage. Koupon Media harnessed the power of social sharing to drive a 64% engagement rate and a 73% redemption rate.

social-sharingKoupon Media released a case study outlining how they drove in-store redemptions with social sharing for this client. The case study covers why mobile offers are ideal for social sharing. People enjoy sharing gifts with their friends and family. Social media followers will share something of value, especially if they enjoy the product themselves. According to the New York Times Insights, “The Psychology of Sharing” the average sharing rate for consumer products is 49%. “49% of social media users share information on products the like with a hope to change opinions or encourage action.”

However, with mobile offer campaigns, we see a 64% engagement rate.  Mobile offers increases the number of times people engage with the content. People want to share the value of that offer as a gift to their friends and family. With this higher engagement rate, comes a higher redemption rate. Of those who either shared the content or were given the content, 73% of them ended up redeeming the offer in-store. 

Read the case study to learn more about the power of social sharing, and the 4 easy steps from an online share to an in-store sale.


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