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Meet the Koupon Team at the 2017 NACS Show!

The countdown has begun: less than two weeks until the NACS 2017 blog creative.jpgNACS Show in Chicago!

This month at the show, Koupon will be showcasing its technology and its partnerships that are transforming the way brands and retailers reach on-the-go consumers and drive them in-store. Here’s a glimpse of what you can demo at booth 3957.

Commuting Media

Mobile marketing has been used for years to reach on-the-go consumers, but let’s face it: consumers are more active than ever before and increasingly difficult to reach.

The challenge only grows as on-the-go lifestyles are requiring consumers to devote more and more time to their commute. In fact, the average American now drives 33 miles per day, with active drivers spending at least 72 minutes in their car each day.

At booth 3957, we’re unveiling the newest method of marketing that’s already transforming the way brands and retailers reach consumers: commuting media.

Commuting media allows brands and retailers to reach consumers through channels already used while driving, exposing marketers to an unprecedented amount of location data. These channels include apps such as GasBuddy, Waze and OnStar, and directly through the dashboard of connected cars.

GasBuddy: Realizing an opportunity to target on-the-go consumers who are already on the path to purchase, Koupon partnered with GasBuddy to combine fuel discounts and mobile offers with location targeting.

This partnership provides the ultimate platform for brands and retailers to drive sales by incentivizing consumers with a mobile offer  to walk from the pump into the store.

By leveraging this partnership, brands and retailers can reach a highly-engaged audience of 12 million drivers that use the GasBuddy app each month to determine where they will fill up their tanks - and great prices and convenience are among their top priorities.

Waze: Waze, the world’s largest community-based navigation app with 15 million monthly unique users, allows marketers to create a meaningful branded experience within the context of the consumer’s commute.

Koupon works with Waze to leverage location data to uniquely target consumers with contextual mobile offers. By embedding offers within Waze ads, marketers can extend their brand directly into the navigation experience to incentivize consumers to drive to the nearest location to redeem the offer.

Mobile coupons in a connected 2017 Chevrolet Equinox: The shift to connected vehicles is happening and this change presents a tremendous opportunity for brands and retailers.

Koupon partnered with General Motors’ OnStar to enable brands and retailers to deliver targeted mobile offer content to millions of connected car drivers. Through this partnership, marketers can now place relevant offers directly in front of drivers looking for a place to fuel their tanks. Dashboard placements within the connected car allow marketers to be the first to alert drivers that a convenience retailer is offering a discount on fuel or brand and proprietary items to incentivize the driver to go in-store.

In addition to placing offers directly in the dash of the connected car, brands and retailers can also reach drivers through any of OnStar’s properties, including the AtYourService app, the OnStar assist button and of GM’s branded apps.

Whether on a phone or in a GM connected car, Koupon’s brands and retailers can now expand their reach like never before, delivering real time mobile offers to on-the-go consumers.  

Offer Network

2017 has been a year of explosive growth for Offer Network, the largest promotion network in small format retail. In 2017 alone, Offer Network has grown by 150%, with more and more leading convenience retailers joining Offer Network to promote CPG funded offers through their own channels. As more retailers participate, the audience CPG brands need to drive sales continues to grow.

This growth will continue in 2018 and beyond – presenting an immense opportunity for brands and retailers alike.

Koupon Offer Viewer

Learn how easy it is to continue earning loyalty – with or without an app – by delivering personalization and value to customers. Using Koupon’s Offer Viewer, c-stores can deliver targeted mobile offers across any channel including SMS, social, mobile web and email. With multiple points of distribution, c-stores can create a harmonious and personalized experience that earns the loyalty needed for success.

Book a time to meet with the Koupon team at booth 3957 to learn how these solutions can help you start delivering mobile offers that grow sales.

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