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Matching Offers to Stores and Customers

Koupon Media’s location services make it easy to match the right offers to the right stores, allowing customers to see offers that are relevant, proximate, and accessible.

Koupon_Media_Offter_to_StoresFor example, a store that does not carry a certain item at a particular location should not be offering coupons for that item to shoppers who frequent their location. Koupon Media gives retailers the flexibility to personalize the shopping experience for each customer, preventing any frustrated or disappointed shoppers who were expecting to use a coupon for an item that was not available.

Koupon collects data from all aspects of a user’s shopping experience, including buying habits, location patterns, demographics, and offer interactions. This makes it simple to target offers to each customer segment, depending on where they are located, which products interest them, and what they habitually purchase.

In addition, with the help of Koupon’s beacon and geo-fencing technology, regional or store-specific offers can be aimed at consumers who are within a certain radius, or even adjacent to a certain product inside a store. This hyper-personalization of the coupon process not only keeps customers happy, but also increases the conversion rate between online and offline transactions. On the other hand, customers who opt-out of location services will still have access to national or global offers that pertain to all retail locations.

Koupon’s technology delivers relevant offers directly into the hands of consumers. When coupons reach customers at the right time and right place, they are far more likely to visit the store, interact with the brand, and make a purchase.


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