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Taking loyalty to the next level at the #NACSShow

C-stores and brands alike are putting customer loyalty first. Leveraging the latest technology and new marketing tactics to increase customer loyalty is a high priority right now for many marketers. Such strategy will be a major topic of conversation at the upcoming NACS Show in Las Vegas where c-store stakeholders from around the world will gather for the industry’s premier event. During the show, October 11th-14th, several dynamic speakers will take the stage to address the latest trends in loyalty programs.

2015_Gain_Loyal_CustomersIt won’t come as a surprise to c-store retailers that special offers and discounts contribute greatly to customer loyalty—68% of consumers connect their loyalty to coupons according to RetailMeNot. But many c-store chains, even those with established loyalty programs, are looking for new tactics to help take loyalty to the next level.

Mark Johnson of Loyalty360 states, “The days of blindly offering a generic 20% off coupon are dead. The future of effective customer engagement relies on collecting and leveraging data to create personalized customer experiences at every turn.” Koupon Media is the ideal partner for retailers who are willing to embrace new mobile marketing tactics to gather precise data and initiate meaningful communications with customers.

One of the best ways to implement and track loyalty is through an app. The number one motivator for following a retail or brand app is coupons or offers—it’s also what keeps the customers coming back! According to a Google study, 54% of shoppers say that the ability to load coupons to a digital loyalty card or smart phone is extremely useful, and that utility drives major brand loyalty.

Koupon-powered coupons are easily integrated into our clients’ existing apps, making next-gen loyalty programs a seamless process for c-store marketers and technologists. Because an omni-channel approach to customer connectivity is essential in this day and age, our Koupon Manager makes it just as easy to promote coupons on a variety of social media and web platforms.

Want to learn more about Loyalty and mobile offers? Download our case study now! 


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