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Koupon Media Closes the Attribution Loop with Redeemable Ads

Measuring the impact of online initiatives to offline sales is one of the biggest challenges marketers face today. Despite this frustration, spending on digital campaigns continues to grow. In 2014 spending on paid media in the US totaled 179 billion. While ad tracking has advanced, marketers are still left piecing bits of information together to gain insights into their campaigns. CMO.com cited that understanding consumer behavior as one of the top challenges marketers face today.

While many digital media and data management companies are claiming to be experts at closing the omni-channel attribution loop, most of them are delivering the same inferred information that fails to fully connect online viewing to offline sales. What’s more, these estimation methods cant correlate a purchase to a unique customer.


The simple solution: Redeemable Ads.

The best way to close the attribution loop for CPG companies is to display a unique barcode that can be scanned in-store and associated with an online impression. Koupon Media accomplishes this with the Koupon Redeemable Ad, a new ad unit that links an in-store redeemable coupon to an individual digital ad.

To read more about Redeemable Ads, download this white paper: Closing the Attribution Loop, A White Paper on Redeemable Ads


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