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Koupon in Hot New DFW Tech Startups

illustration_tech.jpgKoupon is proud to be listed as a hot DFW company to watch in 2016 for taking advantage of the cultural shift both marketers and consumers face today.

"I wrote about Koupon Media in 2012, and I’ve since started using my smartphone as much as my wallet when I’m in a store. I’ve got Apple Pay working, the Starbucks card reloaded, and I frequently look up in-store promotions and sales online. Bill Ogle, who joined as Koupon’s CEO in January, says I’m not alone: “If I’m in a store, I’d love to know if there are any deals.”

Koupon still has fewer than 30 employees in its Frisco headquarters, but it has more customers—and bigger ideas, too. It closed a Series C funding round in 2014 (it won’t say for how much), and one of the investors was a customer.

Founded in 2011, Koupon Media started its software-as-a-service (SaaS) business for retailers right when mobile payments started taking off and free, in-store Wi-Fi Internet access was becoming the norm. SaaS businesses scale well, and in Koupon Media’s case, the underlying architecture for its systems stays the same, with every added feature becoming immediately available to all of its customers—the brands and retailers using its service. Koupon’s ability to enable, distribute, and track coupons and promotions on behalf of several thousand stores and brands puts it in a great spot to collect and analyze consumer behavior, which it can use to improve its product.

Koupon’s most recent idea is a marketplace for brands to make mobile offers directly to consumers while those consumers are nearby or inside participating retail stores. These offers can be targeted, timed, geographically locked, and specific. For example, a coffee brand could tempt commuters with a special offer during rush hour at DFW-area gas stations. Instead of requiring branded apps, these offers can come via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Consumers are more connected than ever before, and they want to save money. I think the way Koupon has given brands and retailers different, compelling means to reach shoppers—formats that are truly relevant and helpful to the consumer—are good reasons to keep an eye on the company in the coming months."

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