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Offer Targeting & Loyalty: A Case Study

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2018 State of the Industry, Mobile Offers in Convenience Stores

In our 4th annual State of the Industry report, we highlight the changing retail landscape and shifting consumer shopping patterns that are paving the way for the rise of mobile offers in the $233b convenience store industry.

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Commuting Media: The Newest Marketing Vehicle

Commuting media is transforming mobile marketing by allowing brands and retailers to reach on-the-go consumers with contextual offers directly in their vehicle through channels like Waze, OnStar, GasBuddy and the connected car. 
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The Rise of Small Format Retail

After decades of big-box expansion, the retail industry is now shifting to smaller stores. In 2015, small format retail categories — drug, dollar and convenience store — outgrew larger format stores by almost 400%, and now make up a more than $1 trillion market. This growth is no accident. Demographic shifts paired with online shopping behavior and shifting consumer demands are forcing leading retailers to think small.

On a daily basis, the average person sees literally thousands of ads — and because they are devoting more than 10 hours to screens each day, the majority of these ads are served through digital channels. 

Naturally, the sheer volume of online ads is causing many customers to develop digital ad fatigue, a term used to describe the behavior of a customer who stops paying attention to an ad due to overall lack of interest in its content.

Download our case study to learn how a major retailer combated this problem by personalizing their offers and witnessed 36% higher redemption rates. 

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