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Case Study: Growing Your SMS Database

Our conversations with retail clients often begin with the mobile app, Holiday case study creative-1.jpgand for good reason — mobile apps are one of the best ways to engage retail customers, drive store traffic and grow sales. But after delivering more than 3 billion offers, we’ve learned that apps can’t be the only part to a retailer’s offer strategy. That’s why we recommend reaching customers across multiple digital channels.

Clients are always surprised when we tell them that SMS text marketing is still one of the most effective channels on our platform. It’s a technology that has been with us for over 20 years, but believe it or not text messaging is still one of the easiest ways for customers to engage with a retail campaign. 

In this case study, we highlight a convenience store retailer that was able to grow its SMS distribution list by 75% in just three months. We’ll share how the retailer achieved that growth and then proceeded to re-engage customers over time, driving user retention that exceeded our platform average by almost 5x.

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