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How to Drive Loyalty with Mobile Offers

There are currently over 3.8 billion loyalty memberships in the U.S. – that’s an average of loyalty creative-129 memberships per household. And while successful loyalty programs can deliver incredible value to retailers, many of today’s programs have cumbersome signup processes and fail to deliver content that keeps consumers engaged.

The Problem with Today’s Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs have become table stakes, and although a large portion of brands and retailers leverage these programs, many are economically inefficient and require too much effort from consumers.

  • Long Sign-Up & Registration
    A recent 3cinteractive survey found that 70% of consumers don’t sign up for a loyalty program due to inconvenience and time required to complete registration, with many consumers abandoning the process during signup
  • Flawed Economics
    Coffee programs and points sound compelling, but many retailers launch these initiatives without fully analyzing the resulting spend and sales benefits.
  • Lack of Consumer Value
    A recent survey from Bond Brand Loyalty found that only 22% of loyalty members perceive their experience as better than that of non-members.

Building a Successful C-Store Loyalty Program
Keeping customers engaged is an ongoing struggle for any c-store loyalty program. To succeed in a loyalty initiative, c-stores should meet the consumer where they are and where they want to engage. That means making enrollment easy and accessible across channels, ensuring a program’s requirements and incentive design are simple and straightforward, and that consumers can consistently earn relevant rewards. 

Koupon’s c-store retailers that witness the most success have easy-to-use loyalty programs, leverage data to deliver personalized content, and keep consumers engaged with valuable offers.

Download our newest case study to learn how c-store retailers can launch loyalty programs that convert casual shoppers into engaged members.

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