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The CPG Opportunity for Category Managers

For years CPG brands invested a large portion of their budgets in trade CPG Opportunitypromotion to reach and engage consumers primarily in the grocery space. But as growth in grocery revenue continues to slow, CPG brands are beginning to rethink how and where they can reach today’s shoppers.

Realizing they can no longer rely solely on reaching consumers when they are in stores, CPG brands are increasingly shifting their resources to shopper marketing or digital spend. Unlike trade marketing which is often regionally targeted, shopper marketing tends to focus on broader brand objectives, often at specific retailers or within particular retail categories. Today, brand marketers are increasingly shifting shopper and digital dollars to the convenience store space.

The Koupon Offer Network
While CPGs have growing budgets to spend in the c-store space, they lack the channels needed to reach c-store shoppers. The Koupon Offer Network addresses this by connecting CPG brands with c-store retailers to launch mobile offer campaigns that grow sales.

Koupon sources offers from CPGs to bring incremental brand dollars to c-stores. These offers are funded entirely by brand marketing dollars and are delivered through a retailer’s own channels such as email, mobile app, SMS or social.

Working closely with retailers to ensure that offers align with retailer objectives, Offer Network campaigns are proven to drive foot traffic and grow in-store sales. On average, campaigns drive 5-12% in-store sales growth.

In this white paper, we’ll highlight how brands and c-stores are working together to launch promotions using the Koupon Offer Network, how CPG promotions are funded, and why c-store marketers and category managers should take advantage.

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