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Success Story: CPG Brand Leverages the Connected Car for First of its Kind Campaign

There’s no denying that the mobile device has revolutionized the way connected car creative week 3.jpgretailers reach consumers. But with the recent downturn in store trips, driving consumers in-store and prompting purchases is becoming more of a challenge each day.  

The connected car is the new solution, introducing a method of mobile marketing that allows retailers to reach consumers on their daily commute at the most opportune moment. The connected car is a first of its kind mobile marketing platform that has emerged as one of the most robust and relevant tools to reach consumers with contextual offers and drive them in-store. 

Here's how it works. A consumer is driving in a connected car and gets a dashboard notification that their gas tank is running low. In addition to being alerted of low fuel, their car can also recommend a list of nearby gas stations, including those offering special discounts.

Through the connected car, marketers can now know exactly what their customers need, when they need it – enabling them to deliver offers based on real-time behavior, extending the life of an in-vehicle experience to an in-store purchase.

Faced with the challenge of declining sales and wanting to be at the forefront of innovation, a major CPG brand came to Koupon Media, the exclusive provider for OnStar connected car media placements in the convenience industry. Koupon created three strategic objectives:

  1. Reach consumers while they are on-the-go and drive them in-store
  2. Drive brand awareness, equity and sales in convenience stores
  3. Reinforce brand availability in convenience stores

To meet all of the brand’s objectives, Koupon created a first of its kind campaign to deliver mobile offers through the connected car.

Through the connected car, the brand delivered highly targeted, personalized offers within the most relevant and convenient time frame. This campaign allowed the brand to own the entire customer journey, from the in-car experience to the in-store redemption.

And the campaign was nothing short of a success, exceeding the brand’s objectives and goals.

  • Reach: 7 million unique connected car drivers
  • Surpassed media engagement rate standards by over 20x: 1% CTR vs. 0.18% industry average CTR for mobile media

Even more, the data collected from the campaign provided the brand insights into the preferences of their customers, setting future campaigns up for success.

As consumers continue to lead increasingly on-the-go lifestyles, more and more brands and retailers are turning to the connected car to engage their customers in meaningful ways. The key to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace is by reaching consumers where they are at the right time and place. No channel offers that more than the connected car.

Download our case study to learn how you can begin leveraging this unique marketing platform and start driving your customers in-store! 

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