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Commuting Media: The Newest Marketing Vehicle

Mobile marketing has been used for years to reach on-the-go consumers, koupon media commuting mediabut let’s face it: consumers are more active than ever before and increasingly difficult to reach. 

The challenge only grows as on-the-go lifestyles are requiring consumers to devote more and more time to their commute. In fact, the average American now drives 33 miles per day, with active drivers spending at least 72 minutes in their car each day. 

This increased pace of lifestyle is challenging brands and retailers to rethink how they market to consumers, while also presenting a tremendous opportunity - on-the-go lifestyles are causing drivers to consume an average of 1 of 5 meals in their car each day.

Commuting media is addressing the challenge of reaching on-the-go consumers while also maximizing the opportunity to reach drivers who are on the path to purchase, looking for a convenient meal. Commuting media taps into real-time location like never before, allowing brands and retailers to reach consumers directly in their car and extend the in-vehicle experience to an in-store purchase. 

What is commuting media?

Commuting media is a new method of marketing that allows marketers to reach consumers through channels already used while driving, exposing brands and retailers to an unprecedented amount of location data. These channels include apps such as Waze, GasBuddy and OnStar, and directly through the dashboard of connected cars. 

These channels expose real-time location and present the opportunity to offer consumers extremely targeted, personalized offers within the most relevant and convenient time frame. 

Commuting media is transforming mobile marketing by prompting immediate action. Through each channel, consumers are provided the option to be routed to the nearest participating retail location - driving store trips and sales. 

The bottom line is this: the pace of consumer lifestyles shows no signs of slowing, which means brands and retailers must shift their focus to reach consumers on the path to purchase. Marketers that want to stay ahead of the competition and engage their customers in meaningful way cannot bypass commuting media. The key to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace is by reaching consumers where they are and providing value at the right time and place. No channels offer that more than commuting media.

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