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Cars are Getting Smarter, Our Marketing Should Too

For years, mobile marketing has been used to reach on-the-go consumers. connected car week2 creative.jpgWhile this has been effective, reaching consumers with contextually relevant messages that drive them in-store has remained a challenge.

Today, the connected car is addressing this challenge by combining internet functionality with the traditional automobile. The connected car introduces a first of its kind mobile marketing platform that has emerged as one of the most relevant and impactful channels to reach consumers and drive them in-store.  

As cars get smarter – 75% of new cars will be equipped with internet connectivity by 2020 – the opportunity for marketers to deliver contextually relevant offers to on-the-go consumers will continue to grow.

In 2016, Koupon created an exclusive partnership with OnStar to enable brands and retailers to deliver targeted mobile offers to millions of drivers, directly in their vehicles.

Dashboard placements within the connected car allow marketers to be the first to alert drivers that a convenience retailer is offering a discount on fuel, brand item or proprietary item to incentivize the driver to go in-store. Here’s a look at how it works.

Imagine a driver in a connected car who gets a dashboard notification that their gas tank is running low. In addition to alerting the driver of the low fuel, the car can also help recommend a list of nearby gas stations, including those offering special discounts on items in their store.

By attaching geo-targeted offers based on real-time needs and behavior, marketers can not only drive more targeted campaigns, but also extend the life of the in-vehicle experience to an in-store purchase.  

Through the connected car, marketers are now exposed to a new range of connectivity with their consumers, presenting an opportunity to offer them extremely targeted, personalized offers, within the most relevant and convenient time frame.

This opportunity is only possible through the data the connected car captures. From personal experiences to daily commutes and preferred routes, the connected car equips marketers with an abundance of powerful information.

Marketers that want to stay at the forefront of innovation and engage their customers in a meaningful way cannot bypass the connected car. Download our case study and learn how a major brand has already begun maximizing this new channel and opportunity!

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