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Three Views

Mobile offers are the way couponing is headed – no doubt about it. They are now an essential piece to advertising, sales and promotions for major brands and retailers. However, employing a successful mobile offer strategy requires technology and know-how. Koupon powered offers use geo-location, past offer usage, and customer segmentation to ensure each offer reaches the right customer at the right time. However, the offer success is not only tied with targeting advanced technology. Offer success is also directly attributed to the customer’s own viewing experience. . After years of working with retailers and brands to deliver more than 250 million offers, we’ve refined the practice of successfully delivering offers on a mobile device. One of the keys to Koupon Media’s high offer performance is something we call the Core Offer Experience which is made up of three viewing states:

  1. The list view – In analyzing our campaigns over the years, we have found it is necessary to give your consumers a list of available coupons. Consumers feel empowered by the choice to choose the type of offer they want to engage with in that given moment.
  2. The details view – this view is necessary for consumers to be given the opportunity to learn more about the offer before committing to redeeming the coupon.
  3. The barcode presented– this view is the final and most important view of all three. We ensure that the offer image is engaging, the call to action is clear, and understandable. If applicable, we provide a sense of urgency with a redemption time limit and countdown timer.


In addition to a better consumer experience, these three states help the marketer further understand the consumer behavior and drop off. For example, if a consumer clicks on the list view, to the details page, but then does not click onto the redemption page, we can deduct that the product was correct, but the type of offer was not. That is why our platform facilitates offer delivery, display, redemption & reporting all built around our Core Offer Experience

To learn more please download our state of the market report.


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