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How Long is Too Long?

We have cracked the code on how long an offer campaign should last. It is a common question we get from our clients; how long should we run a campaign to effectively drive sales and minimize diminished return?  To answer that question, we compared an offer’s duration with two elements — the number of viewers (or individual customers that viewed the offer) per store and what percentage of those viewers clicked through to the offer’s barcode.


We found that on average, there is much to gain by scheduling a campaign to last least 5 days, but that after about 10 days, the incremental number of new viewers begins to stagnate. In terms of engagement the Barcode Presented rate, or the percentage of viewers that click through to an offer’s barcode steadily declined with longer offers.

Our findings suggest that the optimal offer duration is 1 - 2 weeks.

To read more about insights such as these, please download our state of the market report


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