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AdExchanger: 2017 Marketer’s Guide to Location Data

When it comes to location-based data, success lies in the ability to use location to adexchanger logo.jpgenhance behavioral profiles and connect online ad exposure with real world activities.

Applying Location Data to Marketing

Location data is knowing where someone goes and in what order they travel from place to place, said Gil Larsen, VP of location data company Blis.

While triggering a push notification when an opted-in user walks past a specific location has long been the norm, more advanced and creative use cases – such as using location data for online/offline attribution – are emerging.


If a consumer looks at an ad on a device, that event can be used to tie store visits to ad exposure. When the device interacts with a beacon, sensor or Wi-Fi signal at a particular location, it’s possible to link the visit with a particular device ID. 


Marketers can make inferences about consumer behavior, preferences and attitudes by analyzing how frequently and when people show up at a location over time.

Linking the spots a consumer visits over the course of a day or multiple weeks provides a more rounded view of their interests and priorities.


A geofence is a virtual polygon that can be placed around the perimeter of a location based on latitude and longitude coordinates.

In theory, advertisers can target users within a geofence and track whether they’ve entered one. But the reality is little more complicated.

Is the store open? Is it peak time and likely crowded? Is it raining? The attributes of a physical location and the contextual triggers around it are constantly changing and should be taken into consideration.

Push And Place-Based Targeting

When based on real-time location, push notifications can provide both value and drive foot traffic. GasBuddy, the technology company changing the way consumers find, purchase and save money on gasoline, partnered with Koupon Media to target users with mobile coupons that entice them into convenience stores while waiting for their tanks to fill. When an offer is redeemed, Koupon creates an anonymous unique identifier for that user to track what was purchased and when. The information collected is then shared with both the brands and retailers to optimize the offers.

“Encouraging customers to walk from the pump into the convenience store presents an immense opportunity which is why partnering with GasBuddy was such an obvious choice,” said our CEO, Bill Ogle. “Marrying fuel discounts and offers with location-targeting provides the ultimate platform for brands and retailers to drive sales while helping customers save money. We are excited to partner with GasBuddy and extend the life of customer savings from the pump to the convenience store.”

According to the 2015 Retail Fuels Report from NACS, just 35% of consumers go in-store after purchasing gas at the same location, making location-based marketing a huge opportunity for both convenience stores and brand marketers alike.

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