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Koupon Media & Stuzo Whitepaper: C-Store Offers Made Easy

C-store retailers are busier than ever looking for ways to engage consumers and increase sales in a complex marketing world. Marketers have dozens of digital channels to manage and IT teams are responsible for maintaining a stuzo whitepaper creativemultitude of different technologies. In order to more efficiently engage the consumer, retailers should not only deliver mobile offers, but also centralize marketing strategies to more efficiently reach the consumer.

Koupon Media and Stuzo have partnered. 
This partnership integrates Koupon’s mobile offer capabilities and data insights with Open Commerce’s middleware connections to payment, loyalty, and digital channels, helping retailers deliver targeted and personalized mobile offers in a more seamless way. 

By unifying digital coupon delivery and redemption data through a single middleware, marketers have the power to quickly and consistently deliver CPG coupons through multiple digital consumer channels and track redemption of the coupons through whichever channel the consumer ultimately transacts. By forming consistent endpoints, marketers will also unlock a new level of channel attribution. 

Retail marketers can easily coordinate the distribution of offers in one place. 
This white paper covers several benefits to marketers including: 

  • Single view of the consumer enables convenience retailers to make smarter marketing decisions, deliver more personalized and effective offers, and drive store foot traffic and revenues with more predictability
  • Offers easily distributed through the middleware to loyalty programs, mobile applications, connected cars, and in-store displays as well as third party channels like display advertising and other media channels
  • Increased reporting capabilities for channels connected to the middleware helps marketers more quickly adjust campaigns on the fly and measure the impact of digital channels in one view

IT teams can deploy a single middleware to unify disparate digital services and capabilities. 
This approach can result in clear benefits for the IT team and the broader organization including: 

  • Reduction in failure points and security and fraud risks across offer redemption and digital payments
  • Industry-standard APIs to connect digital coupon platforms to other tools and services
  • Governance and SLA enforcement across all 3rd party digital services vendors
  • Real-time automated monitoring of digital coupon systems and automated ticketing for potential system-wide issues

Download the whitepaper to learn more! 
Evidence shows that c-stores which engage both a world-class CPG offers platform vendor and engage an industry-leading software services provider for digital product strategy, design, and engineering have greater overall digital program success. Download Koupon Media and Stuzo’s newest whitepaper to see how a retailer can reduce friction for marketing and IT teams by leveraging a middleware to distribute mobile offers across multiple digital channels.

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