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5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Coupon Campaign

The problem is that marketers are hesitant to implement mobile offers.

Marketers are hesitant to engage shoppers with mobile offers as they fear it is will be an extensive undertaking for their entire team.Screen_Shot_2015-08-05_at_9.29.38_AM

Even though all signs point to the necessity of launching a dynamic mobile offers program, many brands and retailers are dragging their feet, with only 36% of brand and retail marketers having offered mobile coupons in 2014. The process of building a program the first time can seem daunting, requiring many moving parts, and thus there is a lot of hesitation.

At Koupon Media, we believe mobile offers are the best way for a retailer or brand to engage shoppers on a mobile device. Recent studies by Responsys and Toluna back our belief, citing offers as the top reason consumers download a retailer or brand’s mobile app. What’s more, eMarketer also reported that the number of adult consumers who redeem coupons via a mobile device is expected to rise from 70% to 82% of all digital couponers by 2016.

After years of working with top retailers and brands to deliver more than 400 million mobile offers, Koupon Media has developed and refined our Koupon Offer Framework, a set of guidelines to help marketers expertly launch an offers program. We’ve organized the framework into 5 key areas—Reach, Recurrence, Quantity, Value, Duration and Market — helping to make the process intuitive and manageable.

Download our case study to read the 5 steps to a successful mobile coupon campaign.


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