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2nd Annual Koupon Insights Report

As the largest digital marketing platform in the c-store industry, Koupon’s mission Insights_blog creativefrom the beginning has focused on helping our retail and CPG clients execute high-impact consumer promotions. In 2018, we took a giant step forward when we announced Koupon Insights, the leading promotion insights and analytics engine in the industry.
Today, we’re happy to report that over the past year the Koupon Insights dataset has grown by 500%, now leveraging over 10 billion consumer data-points to unlock even more powerful insights for our clients.
In this year’s report, we are showcasing an array of new capabilities. We’ll share updates to our demographic and trip driver technology, unveil brand-specific examples around geography, timing, and price elasticity insights, and announce the launch of new tools like the Koupon Pairing Score and the
C-Store ID Graph.
We’ve never been more excited about digital marketing in the c-store industry, and we're thrilled to be able to share how we are leveraging rich data and insights to help our clients thrive.
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