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September 18

Should CPG Brands Really Be Spending More In C-Store Right Now?

“Should CPG brands invest more in c-store?” 

Your answer would depend on how you’re seeing the c-store channel right now.

But if you’re thinking in terms of the opportunities in c-store — especially with this whole COVID situation — your answer would likely be “yes.” And here’s why:

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September 18

2020 Tobacco Basket Affinity Trends

The Tobacco category has kept c-store retailers incredibly busy in in 2020 – anticipating evolving consumer expectations and innovation, complying with fast moving regulations, and navigating stockouts. Today, we continue our recent deep dive in the category to identify consumer purchase trends, and manufacturers and brands that are growing share.

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September 16

What Sales Promotion Tools Should You Be Using Right Now?

Sales promotions can get messy quickly.You have to deal with all the numbers and logistics involved in customers participating in your contests, raffle draws, or whatever promo campaign you’re doing. But with the right sales promotion tools, things are a lot easier.

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September 09

CPG Marketing: You Should've Run These Campaigns Last Year

Your campaigns need to blow everyone’s minds. 

And even more so in a fast-paced and highly competitive space like the CPG industry. 

It’s “go big” or “go home” in this field.

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August 31

Tobacco Category Trends: Swedish Match is Leading the Growth in Smokeless

Convenience retailers and brands continue their long track record of innovation to meet changing consumer needs. Today, we look briefly at payment methods and continue our recent deep dive in Tobacco to identify consumer purchase trends and manufacturers and brands that are capitalizing on market opportunity.

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