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The Connected Car: The Future of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has been used for years to reach on-the-go consumers with contextuallyconnected car blog creative.jpg relevant messages. And while most marketers would think the mobile device was the first tool capable of reaching on-the-go consumers, the car was the first truly “mobile” device. Reaching consumers through their cars, however, has always been limited to a mass marketing approach, using mediums such as billboards and radio – until now.

The emergence of the connected car introduces an entirely new method of mobile marketing, allowing brands and retailers to reach consumers on their daily commute at the most opportune moment. By combining internet functionality with the traditional automobile, marketers are now able to use the car as one of the most powerful mobile marketing channels available. The connected car introduces a first of its kind mobile marketing platform that has emerged as one of the most robust and relevant tools to reach consumers with contextual offers and drive them in-store.

This mobile marketing platform is becoming more powerful as the connected car industry continues to grow. Today, there are 250 million connected cars on the road. Even more, it’s estimated that by 2020, 75% of new cars will be equipped with internet connectivity.

With consumers spending more and more time in their cars - active drivers now spend an average of 72 minutes in their car each day - the connected car is allowing marketers an unprecedented amount of time to get in front of consumers at the most convenient and relevant moment.    

How can marketers maximize this new channel and opportunity?

In 2016, Koupon Media partnered with General Motors' OnStar to enable brands and retailers to deliver targeted mobile offer content to millions of drivers, directly in the in-dash display of any GM vehicle with LTE Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, brands and retailers can deliver mobile offers through any of GM’s branded apps and all of OnStar’s properties, including the ATYourServcie app and OnStar assist button.

Through this partnership, marketers can now place relevant offers directly in front of drivers looking for a place to fuel up – allowing marketers to not only drive more targeted campaigns, but also extend the life of the in-vehicle experience to an in-store purchase.

Marketers that want to stay ahead of the competition and engage their customers in meaningful ways cannot bypass the connected car. The key to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace is by reaching consumers where they are at the right time and place. No channel offers that more than the connected car.

Download our case study and learn how you can incorporate the connected car into your marketing strategy and be at the forefront of innovation!

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