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Mobile Offers & C-Stores: Reaching On-the-Go Millennials

With millennials spending 20% of all household income, they have become the Millennial_Blog_Creative.jpgmost targeted demographic in the retail industry today, making it crucial for marketers to stay-up-to date with their demands. There are three dynamic factors that set millennials apart from any other generation:

  1. They are always on-the-go
  2. They are always on their mobile device
  3. They value cost savings

The combination of these three factors has created a generation that demands convenience above all else. This need for convenience has required the retail industry to rethink how they engage and market to an increasingly connected consumer base.

Convenience stores have emerged as the retail format able to best meet the demands of millennials. Millennials are now the leading the demographic to visit c-stores more than any other age group. Today, millennials amount to over 1/3 of all convenience store shoppers, driven by their growing preference for buying food and drinks at c-stores. In fact, 66% of millennial visits to c-stores include food and beverage purchases. All of these factors contribute to the 18.6% growth rate c-stores have witnessed over the past 6 years.

In addition to satisfying the need for expediency, c-stores have also appealed to the mobile-centric and cost-efficient side of the millennial generation. C-stores have done this by paying attention to what millennials want:

  • 72% of millennials would take advantage of instant access to a gift or same-day discount
  • 29% of millennials want stores to use their in-store purchasing history to send relevant messages and offers
  • 90% of millennials use coupons and over half access these on email and mobile
  • 29% of millennials rate the availability of coupons and offers as extremely important in attracting them to c-stores 

Staying in-tune with the needs of millennials, c-stores have increased the level of convenience by providing easily accessible mobile offers through apps, text, or mobile web. These offers are delivered to millennials in real time when they are near or in-store.

Millennials are just the early adopters of demanding convenient shopping experiences. Both the older and younger generations will increasingly demand more convenience. And with proven success, c-stores are perfectly positioned to deliver this convenience.

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