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MediaPost: Redefining What Constitutes Mobile Marketing

For years, mobile marketing has been used to reach consumers with contextually mediapost logo.jpgrelevant messages on-the-go. And while most marketers may think the mobile device was the first tool capable of achieving that, the first truly “mobile” device was the car, where marketers use mediums such as billboards and radio to reach consumers.

Today, marketers can use cars in an even more powerful way by combining internet functionality with the traditional automobile. The connected car is now one of the most relevant and impactful mobile marketing platforms available.

As cars continue to get smarter, there is a huge opportunity for marketers to deliver contextually relevant offers to consumers on the road. That opportunity is becoming a reality as General Motors (GM) now has over a million connected cars on the road, and 75% of all new cars will be equipped with internet connectivity by 2020.

How can marketers maximize the opportunity of the connected car?

According to Martech, consumers spend an average of 46 minutes each day in their connected car – shopping, dining and living on-the-go lifestyles. Until now, engaging consumers in their vehicle has been limited to a mass messaging approach.

But through the connected car, marketers are given a new channel to connect with their consumers, presenting the opportunity to deliver extremely targeted, personalized offers, within the most relevant and convenient time frame.

The data captured by the connected car is what allows marketers to deliver highly relevant offers. By attaching geo-targeted offers based on real time needs and behavior, marketers can not only drive more targeted campaigns, but also extend the life of the in-vehicle experience to an in-store purchase. From personal experiences and preferences to daily commutes and preferred routes, the connected car provides marketers with an abundance of powerful information.

The opportunity to capture and analyze that data grew this past fall when GM’s OnStar and IBM’s Watson partnered to deliver the auto industry’s first cognitive mobility platform. This integration provides marketers with an unprecedented opportunity to create contextual offers based on unique personality traits and real time location – which is why Koupon’s connected car campaigns witness click-through-rates 10 times higher than the industry average for a traditional media campaign.

In order for marketers to stay ahead of the competition and engage their customers in meaningful ways, the connected car cannot be bypassed. The key to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s marketplace is by reaching consumers where they are at the right time and the right place.

Check out the full article on MediaPost!

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