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Mobile Rebates: An Instant Solution for the Alcohol Category

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2017 State of Mobile Offers

2016 proved to be another blockbuster year not just for Koupon Media, but the mobile offer industry as a whole. In this year’s report, we’ll review some of the key trends in the mobile offer industry and share some of Koupon’s insights and success stories from 2016.


Mobile Coupon Marketing: Best Practices

With more and more consumers using their smartphones in-store (84% to be exact), retailers and brands can benefit immensely from the use of mobile coupons. 
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2016 C-Store Industry Report

This report studies the major factors that have played into the recent growth of the convenience industry. These findings provide marketers with key insights on how to leverage the opportunities presented by c-stores to continue growth and increase sales. 

Mobile rebates are helping leading alcohol brands prevent fraud, adapt to the changing marketplace and collect valuable data that helps them learn more about their customers.

In this piece, we’ll demonstrate the simplicity of mobile rebates by discussing:

  • How to adapt to the changing market with mobile rebates
  • The simplicity of adding mobile rebates to existing marketing campaigns
  • How mobile rebates provide insight into shopper behavior
  • Mobile rebate success story


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