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Kick Off the Summer with Mobile Rebates for Beer

The summer season has officially begun, kicking off the start of longer days beer and rebates.jpgspent by the pool and coolers filled with beer. The stats indicate that these summer days cause a rise in beer sales, with roughly a third of all beer sales in the US taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The most critical week of that time frame is July Fourth, when sales are traditionally 30-40% higher than the average week.

This summer season will prove to be even more crucial for the beer category, which continues to witness a decline in sales. According to the Wall Street Journal, beer volumes fell 1.8% around the world in 2016. Spirit sales increased by 0.04%, however, heating up the competition for beer to remain the beverage of choice this summer.  

Promotions will be crucial for driving sales over the next few months, but most marketers in the alcohol industry are faced with even more obstacles: integrating with retailers and legal responsibilities. Mobile rebates overcome these hurdles altogether.

However, there is an answer: mobile rebates. Mobile rebates don’t require retailer integration because they are a brand-owned experience, advertised through brand-owned marketing channels such as in-store signage. With Koupon, mobile rebates are launched in mobile web, significantly broadening the reach and engagement of promotions by eliminating the need to download a third party or retailer’s app. Eliminating the need for an app and retailer integration, mobile rebate campaigns can easily be implemented just in time for the summer.

Mobile rebates are a simple solution for the beer category because age verification is done at the point-of-sale, before customers can purchase the product and submit their receipt.

Here’s a quick look at how simple the mobile rebate process is:

  1. Brand displays in-store signage notifying customers that a mobile rebate is available
  2. Customer shows proof of age and purchases the product
  3. Customer takes a photo of their receipt and submits the photo with their name and email
  4. Customer receives digital payment within 48 hours
  5. Koupon Media facilitates the entire process, from offer setup to receipt validation to consumer reimbursement

In addition to overcoming the common hurdles faced by marketers, mobile rebates also provide unique opportunities to learn about consumer shopping behaviors. Through the receipt validation process, marketers are given data points such as store location, day part, price points, items being purchased with the promoted beer and total basket value. This data can be used for post-promotion analysis to optimize future campaigns and make this summer a record-breaking season for the beer category.

Mobile rebates are already helping leading beer brands prevent fraud and collect valuable data that helps them learn more about their customers. Learn how simple it is to start running mobile rebate campaigns and driving sales!

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