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January 12

In the Greenlight: Meet Brian Reinhart, Lead Front End Architect

Welcome to our new blog series In the Greenlight, where you can get an inside glimpse into the Koupon team! We’ve never been much to brag, but we think our team is pretty incredible and they deserve their time in the spotlight. This week we sat down with Brian Reinhart, our Lead Front End Architect. 

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January 05

How a Major Retailer Combated Digital Ad Fatigue with Targeted Offers

A Noisy World 

The modern-day consumer is bombarded with advertising messages every direction they turn. On a daily basis, the average person sees thousands of ads – and because they are devoting more than 10 hours to screens each day, the majority of these ads are served through digital channels.

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December 14

Marketing to Gen Z: 7 Need-to-Know-Facts

We’ll be the first to admit that millennials deserve the attention they get from marketers. Between their annual buying power of $600 billion and their population of over 75 million, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Yet in the race to reach millennials, the newest kids on the block – Generation Z – have yet to receive the marketing attention they deserve. So step aside millennials, because Gen Z now has an estimated $200 billion in annual buying power (including influence on parental purchases) and they make up a staggering 22% of the US population.

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December 09

Mobile Offer Campaigns: Koupon Answers 3 FAQs

Planning a mobile offer campaign can be daunting, even if you’re a veteran.
Between deciding on your audience, offer type, distribution, frequency, and length, we understand that it can seem a little overwhelming – which is why we’re to help. In order to make the planning process as simple for you as it is for your customers to redeem a mobile coupon, we’ve answered a few of the questions we hear time and time again.  

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December 06

Koupon Featured in NACS: Cashing in on Coupons

Finally, coupon technology that makes cents for convenience stores. 

Koupon Media was featured in NACS, where our CEO, Bill Ogle, discussed how digital offerings have emerged as the only technology able to solve the coupon dilemma in the c-store space.

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